Thursday, January 19, 2006

What is Web 2.0

I am frequently asked what is Web 2.0. Some people that seem to think there is a 'new' Internet coming out that is going to replace the old one. The funny thing is that there is already a new Internet that the current one has almost invisibly morphed into already.

Web 2.0 is not a new technology. It's not a new platform. It's more like a milestone - a turning point that we have crossed at some fuzzy point in the last few years. It's in the way the Internet is being used, the applications that are being developed, the new ways of thinking about what can be done, the new ways of co-laborating, the new connections and layers of connections. At least that's my humble stab at an explanation.

For the most fabulous explanation of what is actually going on - read it from the guy who coined the term, Tim O'Reilly:

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