Friday, September 08, 2006

Brilliant SEO Video by Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallen

I was just e-mailed a link to this video by Andy and Brad. I've so far only watched the first few minutes but it is real Gold. I'll review the whole thing soon, but for now - check it out yourself:

Monday, September 04, 2006

Links: How to Get Links for SEO

I checked out Stundubl today and saw he posted a great article on the 12 different types of links and how to get them.

This is actually a more useful article than the 101 ways to get links (from SEO Book) that I blogged about the other day. Here's what I liked in Todd's article:

#1: Authority Links: Going through the Google directory in your niche - duh, what a great idea! I am shocked at myself for not trying this one. It sure beats searching for "keyword phrase + add url, add a site, submit link, submit site, etc". Not that the searching isn't a great method, but the directory method here offers some fast quick hit ideas.

#11: Comment and Profile links: Matt Cutts shows us a cool method of obtaining x-ray vision for no-follow links (It's a hack for Firefox). So it makes sense to use this if you are big on commenting on blogs (a great way to build profile and get backlinks to your blog.)

The other ideas were pretty straightforward, but kudos to Todd for creating a no-nonsense list of the 12 different types of links.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Free Internet Marketing Tool Collection: Part One

I've been finding more and SEO / Internet marketing tools on sites these days, so just for fun I've decided to start a list. I've named this post "Part One" because I am sure there are PLENTY more out there, and I don't want to make this first post an exhaustive list. Here goes:
Interesting trending idea upgrade for them to make some money.
Linkhounds seems to be trying to create an all over linking resource site. Cool that their software is open-source. This requires some more looking in to.

Keyword ranking trending. Requires free login, but nice charts.

Nice link popularity, search engine saturation and keyword ranking tools with many industry benchmarks.

Really cool meta tag checker that shows keyword density and tag relevance to page content.
One of the more in-depth keyword density and prominence tool I've seen. The free access link is near the bottom of the page.

If any of my thousands of readers knows of any more, please feel free to add them to the comments. :-)

Update: September 4th: The Big List of SEO Tools:
Ok, these guys at seem to have the biggest list of all:

Saturday, September 02, 2006

SEO: Search Engines to adopt new link tags

Want a laugh? It's about time all of the search engines got together and released some standards on linking that we can all use.

SEO: Link Building in 2006

Aaron Wall posted a great set of tips for link building in 2006 here.

Here's a one I like:

20. Create your own topical directory about your field of interest. Obviously link to your own site, deeplinking to important content where possible. Of course, if you make it into a truly useful resource, it will attract links on its own.

This is still an opportunuty in many industries, but don't underestimate the investment required to make a great quality portal. Our own new business networking events portal,, increased it's own search engine traffic by 250% last month.

But of course that's nothing to the guy that is making a killing selling Viagra (through affiliate links) because his hilarious Viagra prank ranks number 8 in Google for Viagra, a very, VERY, competitive term due to all of the back links from the Viral nature of his site.

A classic example of link bait that I don't see on Aaron's list.