Monday, March 31, 2008

Two New Web Analytics Tools

This week a cool new tool came out that analyzes visitors in real-time. Techcrunch did a good review of Woopra here.

Google came out with something new of it's own through YouTube. YouTube Insight, as it is called, offers producers more details into the viewing of videos uploaded to the site.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Google Analytics Releases Industry Benchmarks

I remember wondering what Google was going to be able to do with all or the data it is collecting about Internet user behavior with the widespread adoption of Google Analytics.

As I am sure is only a first step, they are going to share some of that aggregate data with the world in the form of industry benchmarking - as long as you agree to share back. I don't see the downside. Mind you, I can think of many downsides other might percieve - but I don't share the same feelings about them. All the arguments I can think of against this are either paranoid, arrogant or naive.

Read the casual announcement of Google Analytics Benchmarking.

I am going to go turn on data sharing right now.