Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How to choose an SEO Company

Dmitry Buterin, President of Bonasource and Chief Apricot of WildApricot, the web site and membership database tool for non-profits and associations, wrote an excellent post on OneDegree yesterday on how to choose an SEO Company:

"In my experience, the best SEO companies are the ones which look at the whole picture - how SEO fits into overall online marketing strategy. (vs. narrowly looking at some technicalities of URL rewrites, meta-tags, keyword density etc.) Best SEO is also about balancing how content works for the user - vs. how it works for search engine (so conversion issues are given top priority)"

Dmitry is correct. SEO needs to be part of an overall marketing strategy. It can't just be one tactic that is applied without consideration for it's needs from and effects on the rest of the picture.

The rest of Dmitry's post goes on about the various other things you and an SEO company, should be considering. It's worthwhile to read the rest of his response to "Best in class SEO companies"

In addition to a list of points to consider, he goes on to write a glowing testimonial for me and my company. Thanks Dmitry!