Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Guest Speaker on Affiliate Marketing

Next week I'll be speaking on affiliate marketing at the iDate2006 conference in Miami, Florida.

The audience will be mostly dating web site owners. I expect and hope the discussion of conversion from visitors to emails to sales will be of much interest to those attending. For affiliates, your web sites conversion is of utmost importance.

I'll be reviewing top dating web sites and giving my opinion on what works and what doesn't on dating home pages. Actual stats on conversion numbers will be discussed, and why some do much better than others. Business focus, home page focus, special features, free tours, innovative pricing models, and niche marketing are in the presentation.

I will be pushing the importance of detailed conversion statistics and access to add tracking codes to sponsor web sites so affiliates can use automated pay per click marketing software such as atlas one point or keyword max.

I'll also be presenting ways to promote to your affiliates, get more out of your affiliates and how to communicate with them more effectively. Wish me luck!

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