Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Long Neck vs. The Long Tail

Sounds kind of like a research paper on evolution of a certain kind of pre-historic mammal, but it's not. It's a discussion on targeting web sites to a specific audience.

We've heard so much lately about the "long tail" - the long list of occasionally searched unique keyword phrases for every topic that follows a short list of frequently typed phrases.

Search engine optimizers and Pay Per Click marketing specialists like myself are quite interested in the long tail because there is so much value to be had there. For PPC the long tail is important because bidding on a huge list of less frequently searched phrases brings lower costs and better value for advertising dollars. For SEO the long tail is important because optimizing for these phrases is easier and more likely to succeed than optimizing for the most competitive phrases.

Well, Gerry McGovern, in his infinite wisdom, just coined a new one (as far as I know) with the "long neck"- and it is equally if not more important for the Internet marketer.

Check it out here: http://www.gerrymcgovern.com/nt/2006/nt-2006-08-14-long-neck.htm#cc


Chris Wallach said...

What would be the best way to analys this? Whats tools do you reccomend?

Keith Holloway said...

It's a combination of tools:

You'll need to research keywords..., one of my favourite tools is KeywordDiscovery by Trellian.

You'll need to know where your traffic is coming from and what they are doing on your site - Google Adwords or WebTrends are perfect for this.

And you'll need to test traffic on phrases that you currently do not have any visibility on - try Google Adwords here.

It is the combination of knowledge you will get from the above that will show you where to target your effots.