Thursday, May 25, 2006

Toronto Search Engine Optimization Company

Search engine optimization still has a long way to go to being a well understood and accepted marketing practice by most organizations.

For small and medium businesses, at least the ones I work with in Toronto, seo is often looked at as some kind of hocus pocus black magic that adds cost to a web design bill but doesn't produce any results.

Yet many online businesses today exist solely on the business provided by visitors from search. Many larger businesses get tremendous amounts of traffic from search.

What gives? Why are so many still so fearful of search engine optimization?

Part of the reason has to be the mis-information provided by web designers that do SEO as an afterthought. Poorly researched keyword choices, poor or non-existent reporting, lack of education to the client, and lack of accountability on the agency part are surely the problems.

Almost every web design company seems to be offering seo services. Yet the people that are doing the work are also responsible for so many other tasks within the organization that they don't have the luxury of focusing and specializing in the specific knowledge required to do the job well. SEO should not be considered a part time endeavor by a web designer or an IT person.

SEO is the rocket science of marketing, according to Robert Murray, President of iProspect, one of the most successful search engine optimization companies in the world. Robert is quoted in an excellent article revealing the results of a recent SEO study.

Search engine optimization requires a combination of skillsets; good copywriting, html coding, potential IT involvement on web server changes, reporting, analytics, analysis, changes and the persistence to keep tweaking and measuring until you get the results you are looking for. Not to mention you have to keep up with the constant search engine changes!

Moral of the story? Don't waste your money on SEO as an afterthought or a part-time endeavor. If you want results you should hire a professional SEO company like my Toronto Search Engine Optimization Company.

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