Sunday, August 08, 2004

Life of an Internet Marketer

This is my blog for Internet Marketing.

Maybe you are saying - What is that? It wouldn't be the first time I have heard it.

Let me try to explain. It's about getting noise for what you do... driving traffic to your web site, capturing that traffic in the form of permission, following up with that automatically - educating, informing, developing preference, closing the sale, and then maintaining loyalty and awareness with respect to the relationship you have developed. All online.

That is what I hope to get across here. I have been in the web development business since '95 and in marketing and design since '89 and I have seen a lot happen in this field. Becoming a professionally trained salesperson in the last 5 years has taught me that most web sites suck at sales.

Going from a design background to marketing has taught me that most designers suck at marketing. And being a designer, I know that most programmers suck at design.

So perhaps I should call this blog - how to NOT to create a web site and marketing program that gets the wrong message (or no message) across and does nothing for your bottom line.

So, the convergence of marketing, design, sales and the Internet is what I will be discussing. Mainly I hope I can share and give a few ideas to any readers about what I have learned, and mostly just be able to log all of this learning and be able to look back at one day in the future and say "Wow, I really didn't know much about the web way back in 2004" But then, nobody did. What is yet to come I am sure will surprise me as much as everyone else. This IS still just the beginning.

Let's go!

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